By De Nora’s side for their IPO

On June 30th, 2022, when the bell in Piazza Affari rang, it was to signal the start of De Nora’s listing on the stock exchange. An operation that can easily be described as a brave challenge to the market, given the period of great stress and uncertainty.

It was 1923 when founder Oronzio De Nora came up with the idea of De Nora and today the company is the world leader in the electrodes and water treatment industries. But their new investment focus is looking to the future with the development of green hydrogen. In the context of the energy crisis we are living, this shows a real commitment and a concrete business vision which demonstrate an innate drive for continued growth.

Being able to effectively communicate such an operation is essential to the company’s valorisation and positioning. Therefore, it was crucial for us to convey to the media De Nora’s distinctive qualities, its financial solidity, and its long-term industrial outlook. These are complemented by a strong common set of values, including the cohesion, dedication and courage demonstrated during the months leading up to their debut on Euronext Milano.

These values have made all the difference: the cohesion of a group united to achieve a common goal; the dedication to give one’s best even in the most adverse conditions; the courage to see the listing through, despite the market’s complexities and, most of all, the courage to seek out and seize the many opportunities for growth of this particular moment in time.

As De Nora’s Communication Advisor, we focused on the strategic and operational support of the operation by showcasing the company’s distinctiveness on the media, mainly in Italy but also in the United Kingdom and in Germany. We then actively worked on a positioning that would highlight its peculiarities and leadership across all the industries in which they operate.

Five months of extraordinary activity in preparation for the debut on Piazza Affari will be followed by a corporate mandate: a synergic and constant collaboration between our teams Barabino & Partners Italy, GermanyUK and USA, aimed at maintaining and enhancing De Nora’s positioning, conveying its distinctiveness to the market.