A perfect partnership to engage Chinese consumers

Chinese consumers have a significant spending power: they can make or break a brand and represent a unique opportunity for those companies willing to expand their presence and boost their revenues targeting both China and the Chinese-speaking population living and/or traveling abroad, especially in conjunction with the celebrations planned in 2018, EU-China Tourism Year.

Though, the Chinese market is hard to join, and cases of failures from well established brands are not a few. The cultural differences, together with the language and a total different approach to buying can undermine the success.

In order to overcome all the difficulties and explain how companies can successfully expand in China and promote their brands, Digital Retex, in partnership with Campaign, held the seminar “Beyond borders: how can brands reach, attract and engage Chinese consumers abroad” in London, on November 22nd.

The Italian company is Tencent Trusted Partner and has developed a unique expertise in assisting Western companies targeting the Chinese market through WeChat, owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent. During the seminar, Fausto Caprini, Digital Retex CEO, together with Andrea Ghizzoni, Europe Director at Tencent, offered their contributions and insights to better profile the Chinese consumers, explaining what motivates them to spend, which trends and events influence their daily life, how to curate the right message for this audience and successfully reach them through the digital solutions provided by the company.

A special contribution was offered by Francesca Sieler, head of international PR and marketing manager at Lulu Guinness, who during a Q&A session chaired by Emily Tan, global technology editor at Campaign UK, talked extensively about their experiences in establishing the brand in China and engage with Chinese consumers.

The seminar, held in the prestigious Chartered Accountants’ Hall, had an overwhelming response and was attended by more than 70 representatives coming from well-known international brands and companies in the fashion, luxury, leisure, hospitality, cultural and tourism fields.


B&P UK was in charge of organising the seminar, ensuring a high-quality guest list, facilitating the networking and the opportunities to develop new business. The team is proud of having supported Digital Retex in the reach of this important milestone.

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