“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
(Samuel Johnson)


Sometimes a city is more than just a conglomerate of strangers crossing the same busy roads; sometimes a city is endowed with a cultural identity so distinctive that the simple sound of its name has the power to evoke an extraordinary number of places, people, and traditions. With its undeniable charm and contagious energy, London doesn’t certainly need any formal introduction.

Once capital of the glorious British Empire, now financial centre of highest authority and home of Europe’s largest stock exchange, London is a market of strategic importance for every business wishing to maintain a competitive edge and improve its global reach.

It is the cradle of rock music, and it is not uncommon to hear the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie playing loudly in the commuters’ headphones on the tube. At the crossroads of trends, it has offered fertile ground for the most revolutionary innovations, such as the first computer, the World Wide Web, and the miniskirt.

It is the home of iconic historical figures such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Charlie Chaplin, but it is also the only place in the world where fictional characters deserve as much regard as their real counterparts, as proved by the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan, James Bond, and Harry Potter.

The most vivid kaleidoscope of colours bursts underneath its gloomy sky, ranging from the milky brown of a perfectly brewed cup of tea to the muted pink of a juicy slice of roast beef, from the shiny black of its cabs to the rich red of its telephone boxes, from the bright orange of a punk’s Mohawk to the pastel shades of the Queen’s hats.

Ready to take up a new challenge, Barabino & Partners expanded its international presence in 2007, by crossing the Channel and setting up an office in the heart of London, located in the chic district of Mayfair. The practice has one simple objective: representing the Made in Italy excellences abroad by developing bespoke communication strategies that match the clients’ needs with the increasingly demanding British media landscape.

By doing so, Barabino & Partners encourages Italian companies to export their savoir faire outside national borders, without having to settle for compromise. Therein lies our consultants’ strength: their transnational, customer-centric expertise allows them to understand, value, and meet each party’s requirements, acting as a bridge between two radically different yet strongly complementary cultures.

Our values

Energy and passion
Talent development
Openness to change
Client engagement
Ethic and responsibility


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